onlineTV Help

If you use Windows 10, onlineTV maybe crash after buffering is startet.
Please update Windows (using Windows Updates) to fix this problem.

If onlineTV is permanently buffering instead of showing a stream, try these steps:
  1. First update your onlineTV/online.TiVi Version to the latest version

  2. Update your Flash-Player. If you use Windows 8.1, please check Windows Update.
    Current working Version is

  3. If this doesn't help, disable your firewall and/or your virus scanner, then try it again.

  4. Download and install the latest Beta Version of Flash-Player
    Please select your platform, download the bugfix and run the file ("Execute"), the setup will automatically update your Version:

The stream should be played without any buffering now.

Date of Information: 07.01.2016